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Meet Courtney!

Owner | Planning & Design

Go-to coffee order: Iced lavender latte w/ oatmilk 

Believes this to be true: Leopard print is a neutral

Can't leave the house without: Chapstick!

Has an unhealthy obsession with: PASTA. Gimme all the carbs.

Courtney here, and I’m the owner of SWC! I stumbled into the wedding industry unexpectedly (shoutout to my girl, Jess!) and fell in love with the opportunity it gave me to get creative. I loved connecting with people to construct a common vision, & I became obsessed with the high I got after leaving a perfectly planned event (It really is the coolest feeling!) 

Weddings often get a bad rap for being "stuffy" or less than enjoyable, and my niche has always been in proving the opposite. I mean, there's nothing in the rule book that says you can't have the absolute best day of your life without one hell of a party, right? & If there is, then HONEY I DON'T WANT IT!

I may spend most of my time obsessing over your wedding deets, but you can also find me enjoying time at home with my wife, Kristyn, & our 3 fur babies, Elton John, Harlem & Salem. Honestly, we're probably watching Schitts Creek reruns or I'm begging Kristyn to let me watch the newest release of some terrifyingly gory horror movie that will make her miserable (love really is patient, y'all.) As an ATX local, taco enthusiast, OG of the“Leggings-Are-Pants” Movement & self-proclaimed comedian, I'm dedicated to making your day just as cool as you are! 

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